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What We Do

The opportunity program

A Compassionate Response

to a Real Need

What we do

Born out of a Need, Developed into a Program, Launched a Vision


The Opportunity Program is a pioneering effort for private schools, opening the door to the benefits of adaptive systems of learning that emphasize a comprehensive, “whole person” approach, where students with learning challenges can unlock their hidden potential and achieve academic success.


The success of the program is accomplished through highly-trained teachers providing research-based, multisensory instruction to small groups of students in a supportive environment.


The Opportunity Program was born out of the compassionate concern of a mother who teamed with a principal and a teacher, and together they did what private schools historically did not do: meet the needs of children with learning and social challenges.


This visionary leadership team was on the forefront of a new educational landscape, believing that they could create a learning environment that would create societal change. And since 1990 that’s exactly what Opportunity Schools has done— affecting the lives of thousands of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

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Building on Individual Strengths

The Opportunity Program is designed to meet the instructional needs of a variety of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities including Dyslexia, visual and auditory processing challenges, language processing challenges, ADHD and ADD, and High-Functioning Autism.


The program is also effective with students who many not be diagnosed with a learning disability, but need small group, multisensory instruction to achieve academic success, or students who have just fallen behind and need intensive help to catch up. 


The Opportunity Program is the combination of research-based instructional methodologies taught by trained teachers in a small, supportive environment. The program serves students who are in a general education classroom, but need intensive and specialized support to achieve in language arts, math or social skills.


Opportunity teachers work closely with general education teachers and parents to ensure that students can succeed and thrive in the school environment.

Who We Serve
opportunity at your school

Reimagine Your Students' Education

Traditionally, private and faith-based schools do not have the resources to respond to the challenge of teaching students with learning disabilities. But as leaders of private independent schools become aware of the increasing number of their students with learning disabilities, they realize they need to offer effective educational programs for these students.


The mission of Opportunity Schools is rooted in keeping families intact in their school of choice—providing services that enable students with social and academic challenges to achieve success. We believe that when we help individuals discover their “learning abilities” and experience the success of turning potential into reality, we develop confidence and instill hope.


As it was in our first school, each of our Opportunity Satellite Programs continues to change lives—through our expertise, focus and cutting-edge methodologies. And after over a quarter century, Opportunity Schools has made a difference in the academic landscape in Southern California, with our alumni going on to effect change in their own lives.

Opportunity At Your School
professional development

The Heart of Opportunity: 

The Right Teacher with the Right Training and Support

Since its inception, the goal of Opportunity Schools’ Teacher Training Institute (TTI) is to equip general education teachers with the multisensory methods and interventions taught in the Opportunity Program. Through TTI’s summer teacher training and year-round professional development in-services, general education teachers understand their role and can effectively support the success of students with learning challenges. With TTI’s well-integrated toolbox of interventions and strategies, teachers across the curriculum can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.


Opportunity and general education teachers receive training in differentiated instruction, accommodations and modifications, social skills training, classroom management, multisensory instructional strategies, assessments, and incorporating standards-based instruction, to name a few of the teacher training conferences and in-services our schools receive. 

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