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Opportunity Schools is a force for change, awakening society to the desperate need for education reform. Without the mission of Opportunity Schools students with learning and social disabilities are at risk of becoming a drag on society—drug and alcohol addiction, gang affiliation, violent behavior and incarceration.


Shockingly, 32 percent of students with learning disabilities do not graduate from high school and 50 percent of incarcerated juveniles have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. And it doesn’t stop there, as 41 percent of the adult prison population was found to have learning disabilities.


This chain of failure can be broken for good. The Opportunity Team is on the front lines, changing the narrative and direction of our children and their families.


Please join us in transforming society—one child at a time.

opportunities to help:
  • $6,000 Start-up fee to launch a school

  • Adopt a training intervention

  • Teacher Training Institute  – keynote speaker fees

  • Curriculum

  • Instructional Technology upgrades for students

  • Opportunity Online Services

  • Student Assessments

  • Classroom equipment




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