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ongoing direct

satellite school support

customized curriculum development
  • Annually – as new research-based interventions become available – purchase, implement and train staff

  • Purchase online licensing agreements for math, reading fluency, phonics and reading comprehension

  • Annually replace consumable products in phonics and reading

  • Provide updated consumable and non-consumable social skills materials

  • Provide/administer annual pre-and post-consumable assessments

  • Purchase printed leveled literacy books, as needed

  • Oversee implementation of Opportunity Schools Program

  • Consult on General Education Curriculum Adoption, as requested

Opportunity Schools Professional Development
  • Summer Teacher Training Institute

  • 80-hour Training for Opportunity Teachers

  • Summertime Back-to-School Staff Development

  • Year-Round Professional Development, customized to each school site as requested by site administrators

  • Facilitate Training Follow-up

Customized Onsite Consulting and Support
  • Opportunity Schools Program Administration

  • Staff, Parent and Board Communication

  • Opportunity Teacher and General Education Classroom Support

  • Supervise Outside Agencies Providing One-on-One Support to Opportunity School Students

  • Serve as Liaison to Public Schools

  • Observe Prospective Students in Current Academic Settings

  • Assist in the Development of 504/Accommodation Plans

  • Program Budget and Revenue Stream Development

  • Administer and or Assist With:

    • Student Referral and Application Process

    • Student Assessments and Evaluations

    • Application and Enrollment Process

    • Tuition and Fee Policies and Procedures

    • Program Scheduling

    • Grading Policies and Procedures

    • Accreditation Process

  • Attend Job and Recruitment Fairs, as requested

student and family services
  • Perform Interpretation of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs)

  • Attend IEP Meetings at Public Schools

  • Assist Families in Obtaining Free Psychoeducational Assessments

  • Facilitate Teacher/Parent Conferences and Team Meetings

  • Coordinate and Attend Monthly Meetings with Outside Agencies with Staff or Personnel Onsite

  • Assist families in identifying appropriate placement for students with
    challenges beyond the scope of Opportunity Schools

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