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Serving Students with learning challenges in Southern California Schools

Traditionally, private and faith-based schools do not have the resources to respond to the challenge of teaching students with learning disabilities. But as leaders of private independent schools become aware of the increasing number of their students with learning disabilities, they realize they need to offer effective educational programs for these students.


Since 1990, Opportunity Schools has been reinventing education. We've done the research and development on the instructional programs that work, the right training programs for teachers and assessment and evaluation procedures. Opportunity Schools has the experience, professional staff, and relationships that would take years for a private school to develop. 


The Opportunity Schools Program will impact your school in a positive way.  We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed program model on how to administer a successful resource program that is enhanced by our professional development and onsite support. 


Our member schools have increased enrollment by meeting the educational needs of this unique student population—and even more noteworthy, the school population increases because they are able to enroll the entire family. Although establishing a program to help students with learning challenges may seem like an overwhelming task, the Opportunity Program makes it attainable for you.

Michelle Veazey Headshot.jpg

Michelle Veazey

Preschool -
8th grade


2244 Clark Avenue 

Long Beach, CA 90815

OPP Logo - Key Figure no glow.png

Marci Young

K - 8th grade

5336 E Arbor Rd

Long Beach, CA 90808

los angeles
Tracy Steers Headshot.jpg

Tracy Steers

K - 8th grade

1620 W. 20th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90007

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