Why a Private School is a Better Choice
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Proponents of public education will suggest that there is no difference between going to public school and private school, but those who have sent their kids to private school know differently.

Educating your child at a private school has many hidden benefits; it is not just about prestige. When a parent sends their child to private school, the student gets to benefit from learning how to behave around wealthy, high-class people, regardless of their income.

A (more…)

Are All Private Schools State Accredited?
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When you are looking at schools for your children, many difficult decisions await you. Of course, you want to be certain that the school you are choosing is actually accredited. Therefore, many people ask, “Are all private schools state accredited?”

Ultimately, the word “all” is a very difficult one to use. Most things are not accounted for 100 percent of the time. You do want to send your child to an accredited private school, but you do not have a guarantee that all (more…)

Points To Compare: Private vs. Public Schools
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Public and private schools each have their advantage. If you’re considering enrolling your child in private school, you need to do your research. Use these points to compare public and private schools in your area.

Public school is free, although you may have to pay for school supplies, uniforms or class trips. Private schools can cost tens of thousands of dollars every year, but don’t let cost dissuade you from looking at a private school. Your child may be eligible for scholarships or government vouchers (more…)

Raising a Latchkey Kid in today’s World
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One thing that seems to transcend the divide between public and private schooling is the prevalence of the latchkey kid. A latchkey kid is a child who, through any number of reasons, usually has to let themselves into the home and make their own snack before getting to work – before the parents come home.

There are lots of ways to ease your child into this, but the most common one is the installation of a security system. These can be bought off major online vendors like http://www.securitychoice.com and they help you foster the independence necessary for a latchkey kid by providing peace of mind.

Another thing you, as a parent, can do is prepare your child by purchasing snacks they can make on their own and showing them how to do it. Leaving contact numbers with your child is also important in case the child needs a little reassurance.

Children should also be versed in front-door etiquette. This means not letting ANYONE into the home when the parents are away. It also means having the confidence and the ability to maneuver around a stranger’s attempt to intrude through the use of careful wording like threatening to call the police or not mentioning that you are home alone.

What Factors Make Private Schools Unique?
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Education is important. Private schools possess certain qualities that make them unique in what they have to offer students.

Private schools offer students smaller class sizes. With smaller class sizes, students have more opportunities to participate in classroom discussion. Students get more individualized instruction within such an environment.

Private schools also offer an environment that is more dedicated to learning. Students who attend private schools are there, because the choice has been made for them to be there.A commitment has been made to that particular school as opposed to another, and the student is not there merely due to the location of his or her residence.

There is another significant advantage of private schools. Students attending private schools are more likely to make contacts that will help them in the future. The earlier networking begins, the more likely of career success in the future.

These are but three of the factors that serve to make private schools unique. There are many more things that help to create the private school experience.

How Could My Child Benefit From a Private School?
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There are a lot of benefits of sending your child to a private school. Private schools are a great way to equip children with the necessary skills they are going to need in our diverse, and ever-changing world. There are so many choices in private school education that parents should have no problem finding one that will meet the needs of their child.

One of the most notable benefits of a child attending a private is that they provide challenging opportunities through both academics and extracurricular activities.Students partake in advanced placement courses and other activities that allow them to constantly score top grades on standardized tests, many of whom also perform well on college entrance exams and go on to pursue higher education.

Another benefit of private school education is that your child learns in smaller classes, which eliminate much of the distractions found in public schools that have larger classes. Although each private school will vary on the amount of children enrolled in a class, almost all focus on the essential need for children to learn in smaller sized classes.

There is also the encouragement of parental involvement when a child attends a private school. This can include social events, parent/teacher meetings, classroom outings, fundraisers and more. It has been proven that a greater influence of parent involvement in a child education not only encourages learning on the part of the student, but also strengthens the child/parent relationship.

The Disadvantages of Choosing a Private School
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Today’s parents want the best for their children. When it comes to education, this is no exception. Society tells us that knowledge is power, and with this knowledge you can achieve anything you want. If you are a parent that is considering private school, consider some of these disadvantages.

Private schools biggest disadvantage is cost. Tuition for private schools is high. This is because they do not accept any government funding. All funding comes from tuition and donations. A high tuition turns parents off that are on a tight budget.

For those (more…)

The Advantages of Choosing a Private School
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There is no shortage of news about public education. We hear about teachers cheating on government regulated tests so they will not lose funding, we hear about students not being able to read their own name on their diploma, and then there is the always prevalent story of sexual relations between teacher and student. All of this information is enough to make one sick.

Private schools make a great remedy to the sickness one feels towards public schools. Private schools offer smaller, more docile classrooms. (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Private School
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When parents decide to send their children to school they have two choices: private and public schools. Both have their pros and cons, and the decision is ultimately based on the family’s personal and financial situation. Private schools are great because there are fewer students enrolled than in public schools. This allows teachers to work one-on-one with some students. Their books and supplies are better than public schools because there is adequate funding available. If religion is important to a family, then they will find religion as one of (more…)

How To Go About Selecting A Private School
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Most parents want the best education for their children. Most private schools adhere to a higher learning standard and this is the very reason many parents choose to enroll their children into them. However, there are many private schools to choose from. So how does a parent go about selecting the best private school for their child? Here are a few tips to help you make the right academic choice for your child.

First, http://homesecuritytown.com/burgler-alarm-systems/security-keypads/, know your child’s academic abilities and interests. Keeping in mind that you will have to pay out of your pocket for your child’s private education, it would be a waste of money if your child can’t perform to the academic expectations or loses interest in pursuing their educational goals. Moreover, it’s your child, not you, who will be attending the school. If they can’t perform, and it was strictly your choice of schools, you may do them more harm than good.

Next, choose several private schools that interest both you and your child, as well being able to fulfill their educational needs and aspirations. There are many private schools and each can offer different educational opportunities. Visit each school on your list and gather more information to help you make a good and final decision.
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